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Herby4  is a small family business based in the Quantock Hills in Somerset  providing you with a our own home grown and home made seasonal produce.

In the spring and early summer we grow a range of both traditional and more exotic potted culinary herbs to help you spice up your cooking.  Our herbs are most definitely not to be confused with herbs sold all year round in supermarkets.  Ours are packed full of flavour and can easily be transplanted either into larger pots or directly into your herb garden.

During the
late summer/autumn once the herbs sales start slowing down we keep ourselves busy by producing a range of delicious apple juice in partnership with small local orchard owners.  You won't find it on any supermarket shelves but you will find it on sale in smaller independant retailers in West Somerset and occasionally beyond.

And in the
winter? Well, its cold so we hibernate, venture out to the odd Christmas markets and start work again in the spring!
Close up herbs with strawberries