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Herby4 began making apple juice back in 2010. We couldn't fail to notice the abundance of beautiful apples in Somerset that were going to waste each year near our home in West Somerset.  Starting with a home made apple press (made from some railway sleepers and a car jack) and the apples from Auntie Brendas apple tree, we began experimenting pressing apples from local garden orchards and within a week had pressed, bottled and pasteurized our own apple juice and were selling it at the local farmers market.  Herby4 apple juices had been born.  Over the next few years, we invested in apple pressing equipment, expanded our range, experimented with different blends of apples to create a healthy range of drinks, free from additional sugar or preservatives. We started feeding our juice into local shops, cafes and pubs and as testimony to the great tasting product that we have created, our juices collected gold and champion awards in the hot and cold drinks categories of the 2017 Taste of the West awards.  From starting with a few trees in a few local gardens we now collect from a network of local orchards orchards as well and produce over 30,000 bottles per year.

The road to making tofu began a few years later when we went vegan for lent and realised there was a definite lack of locally made tofu so decided to try and make our own.  We managed to adapt some of our apple pressing equipment and before long we had created our own tofu manufacturing process.  The end product was so good that we just couldn't keep it to ourselves.  We started selling it at food festivals and farmers markets and it now appears on the menu as part of the vegan option at a number of local cafes and on the menus of festival caterers and also means that we have an endless supply of exceptionally tasty tofu to eat at home!