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African blue basil
Out of season-look again in early May
A perennial basil with distinctive blue veined leaves and purple flowers.  Unlike other basils it cannot be grown from seed but if protected over the winter can provide you with a year round supply of basil.
Catnip A fast growing herb with attractive purple/blue flowers.  Ideal for people who want their nieghbours' cats to love them for evermore.
Vietnamese Coriander

Vietnames Coriander Also known as Rau Ram or Vietnamese Mint, Vietnamese Coriander is truly spectacular.  It grows fantastically quickly and has the earthy Coriander flavour with an added kick!  An essential for South East Asian cooking
Curry plant Curry plant  Fool your neighbours into thinking that you eat curry constantly.  Its culinary uses are limited but its smell alone will make you want to cook!
Bronze Fennel
Bronze Fennel For culinary purposes Bronze Fennel can be used in the same way as green fennel but it's browny bronze feathery appearance adds a touch of class to your herb patch. 
French Tarragon

French Tarragon  With a distinct aniseedy flavour, French Tarragon is a popular herb used in salads. rice, tomato, chicken and fish dishes.  Not to be confused with Russian Tarragon which tastes of very little!
Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm Your ideal summers afternoon may well be sitting in the sun with a glass of pimms adorned by a sprig of Lemon Balm but don't underestimate this versatile herb.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, anti-viral and can aid digestion!
Basil Mint

Basil mint plant A hardy perennial Mint that for culinary purposes does the job of Basil when Basil is out of season


Pineapple Mint
Pineapple mint A classic mint with soft variegated stems and leaves. Smells something like a minty pineapple and can be used to add a minty flavour to spuds.
Chocolate Mint Chocolate Mint Chocolate mint leaves little to the imagination.  Simply think of After Eights without the calories!
Eau de Cologne Mint

Eau De Cologne Mint To fool people into thinking that you have a expensive taste in perfumes, simply put a bunch of leaves in a hot bath.  Lie in it for half an hour with a cup of Eau de Cologne mint tea at your side and relax!
Lavender Dentata Lavender Dentata has soft serated leaves and has pale blue/purple bracts which appear in early summer.  Works well in lavender hedges.
Lavender Hidcote Lavender Hidcote

Lavender Hidcote is a compact Lavender ideal form making hedges with long slender flowers. It has the classic old English Lavender fragrance.

Moroccan Mint Moroccan Mint Use it in dish that requires mint and you won't go far wrong.  However, for that genuine Marrakech feeling, put some a bunch in a in a heat resistant glass,  add a spoonful of green tea, a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and fill the glass with boiling water.  
Spearmint Spearmint a very definte spearmint aroma to it and is equally good used in tea, toothpaste or as an all round garden mint with small purple flowers in summer.
Peppermint Peppermint Peppermint tea has been used for centuries to aid digestion as well as a flavouring for guess what?  Peppermints!
Oregano Oregano Ever thought that your pizza or pasta or  could have done with that little extra flavour?  Look no further.  Oregano is the perfect enhancer of tomato-based dishes as well as being used to treat bronchial conditions! 
Parsley Perhaps the most popular british herb and a key ingredient in bouqet garnet.  If you don't like the flavour but have a problem with headlice, save the seeds, infuse them in water and wash your hair!
Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary is one of the versatile and widely grown garden herbs with countless culinary uses. Less well known but perhaps a subconcious reason for its popularity is it's potential for curing even the worst of hangovers!
Sage Sage No Cottage Garden would ever be complete without a Sage plant to make the perfect Sage and Onion Stuffing.  Don't worry about forgetting the recipe in old age, research has shown that Sage arrests the aging process and is being tested as a treatement for Alzheimers disease.
Thyme Thyme Another classic British herb that can be picked all year round.  Tastes great with meat and vegetables but try sticky toffee pudding with Thyme!  You will never want a Thyme free sticky toffee pudding ever again!
Herby4 herbs are hand planted in fully compostable pots and grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.  They are naturally grown and sold in their growing season to add flavour to your kitchen.  Rockyin herby4tunnel
As such they can stay in their pots and sit on the windowsill or if you have room can be planted out in your garden.  During the herb season (April - September) we sell through shops, markets or online.   The range we grow is listed here so if you haven't found what you are looking for in one of our outlets and it is on the list, please contact us and we will do out best to get it to you.

Buying Herbs .

Each year, once our range of herbs is ready to sell we will open the "online herb shop" in this space.  This is normally around mid-April each year so keep checking this site for availability.