How herby4 apple juice all started

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Seeing an apple tree full of Blossom in National Gardening Week reminds us of where Herby4 apple juice all started.
Seeing an old apple tree in Auntie Brenda’s garden laden with apples we decided to make some apple juice. A week later we were selling our first bottles of Herby4 apple juice.
We now make much more apple juice from many more apples but still include the apples from the original tree in Auntie Brenda’s garden!

Each year, about now, when blossom first appears on Auntie Brendas apple tree, we the countdown to harvesting and pressing has begun!

We find that different varieties of apples lend themselves to the different flavours. Some go perfectly with ginger, some with Beetroot. We don’t know the exact variety of Auntie Brendas apple tree but we do know the apples from this particular tree have the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness to make them the ideal Chaider apple.

Lets hope there are no late frosts so that the blossom and the bees can do their work!

chaider on pallet

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