The countdown to apple harvesting has begun

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The first baby apples are starting to appear on apple trees which can only mean one thing – the countdown to apple harvesting season has begun!!

It has been a slow start to the season so we are anticipating that harvesting will be a couple of weeks later than last year but nonetheless it will be here soon enough.

Where do we get our apples from?

Most of our apples from from small orchards around West Somerset. It may be just a few trees in an old orchard or a more established orchard but as long as they have the flavour we are looking for in our juices we don’t like to turn any apples down.

How do we harvest our apples?

We always prefer to handpick apples but the reality of harvesting from a number of older more traditional orchards is that some of the trees are very big in which case we shake them down onto a tarpaulin and gather them up from there. We have one rule – nothing hits the floor. That way we know that only apples that are ready to fall and therefore perfectly ripe find their way into Herby4 apple juice.

What varieties of apples do we use to make Herby4 apple juice?

There are hundreds of varieties of apple that will make great juice and there are many great producers of single variety apple juices. However, because we are based in an area which has an abundance of traditional varieties of apples, we find blending the apples results in a real depth of the flavour of Herby4 apple juice.

Some apples work really well with generously ginger, some only seem to work with Beautifully Beetroot, some with Chaider and there are always certain varieties we reserve for Seriously Somerset Apple juice.

Ultimately only great apples make great apple juice and tasting the apple juice as we make it is an essential part of the process. Its a touch job but someone has to do it and drinking Herby4 apple juice is certainly something we never grow tired of doing!!

Which is your farourite?

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