Here at Herby4, we have created our range of tofu, made using organic soya beans, to make it as easy as possible for you to include this protein rich food in your diet. You don’t need to be an expert in plant-based cooking to use our tofu, just open the packet and you’re away!

The Herby4 Tofu range

Tofu Paneer
Paneer Tofu

Our paneer tofu can be used for any tofu dish requiring a firm-pressed tofu but really comes into its own as a direct replacement for paneer cheese in asian cuisine.  Simply chop it up into cubes and add flavour to it by leaving it overnight in your favourite marinade or just put chunks of it in a curry sauce. 
Apple smoked tofu with seaweed

For those who think tofu needs lots of preparation and flavour adding, think again. Our apple smoked tofu comes to you full of flavour and can be eaten straight from the packet.  It is firm pressed with strands of seaweed to give it a cheese-like texture, marinaded in Tarmari and cut into burger size chunks.  The burgers are then smoked with apple wood, vacuum packed and pasteurized giving them a shelf-life of 2 months. 
Tofu Tikka

Our Tofu Tikka comes to you already marinaded in tikka spices. Simply look at any recipe requiring chicken tikka and Tofu Tikka is your your ready made vegan alternative. Don’t limit yourselves to using it in curries. It is great in wraps and salads fried or roasted.

 Tongfu is a vegan snack made from slithers of the tofu we use to make our apple smoked tofu.  It is dehydrated to make a chewy snack with a similar consistency, flavour and chewiness to biltong.  It is the perfect snack to accompany a pint of beer or to give you a protein kick you need at the gym.